Zellars burning with USS TENNESSEE in foreground

Taken from USS PORTLAND before USS BENNION DD662 came alongside to assist & lend a doctor & Pharmacist Mate to administer emergancy medical trestment

Avrett,Willard M        FC1c       359-87-35    USNR
Bieber, William J.      S2c         961-16-03     USNR
Bradley, Andrew J.    StM1c     296-05-72     USNR
Brockman, Earle E.   Ens.        355494         USN
Burdett, Charles R.   CCS        393-25-99     USN
Coleman, Henery S. SK1         644-30-03     USNR
Craig, David S.         S1c          891-03-84     USNR
Dankert, Fred J         S2c         961-03-92     USNR
Ensley, John R.         PhM3c    619-24-45     USNR
Farrall, James W.      F1c         677-20-69     USNR
Fletcher, Arthur L.     EM1c      668-15-91     USNR
Gedman, Stanley      CTM       212-43-28     USN
Gray, Robert A.         S1c         945-35-74     USNR
Gunther, William R.   LTjg.       328619          USNR
Harris, Charles F.      EM2c      669-34-84     USNR
Horist, Joseph A.      FC3c       853-48-42     USNR
Hawes, Donald M.    SoM3c    924-06-59     USNR
Huges, Charles E.    F1c(EM)  849-38-08     USNR
Jones, William F.      TM2c       650-46-54     USNR
Keane, Clair V.         S2c          973-08-91     USNR
Kinkaid, John F.        LT(MD)    140233         USN
King, Alfredo O.        S1c          756-05-33    USN 
Kramer, John A.        BM1c       368-47-07    USN
Liston, John W.         S1c          393-76-66    USN  
Marmon, Chester G. S1c          961-14-31    USNR
Merriman, Chester L.F1c          888-30-56    USNR
Mohr, John R.           FC(R)3c   815-24-96    USNR
Moore, Howard J.     S1c          860-76-67    USNR
Murphy, Raymond J. S2c          961-19-26    USNR
Nava, Juan L.           SC1c        624-17-20    USNR
Pitts, Elvin E.            Cox.         658-09-60    USNR 
Potter, Paul L.           S2c          973-08-31    USNR
Roach, Billy Joe        FC1c       356-75-70     USN
Rohlfer, Kermit G.     FC2c       613-17-84     USNR
Shulman, Lester M.  MM3c      814-90-18     USNR
Thompson, Ernest R.S2c         861-92-13     USNR
Wallace, Walter         St2c        637-25-28     USNR
Watt, Samuel V.         Y1c         648-22-20     USNR
Wilbanks, Dwight H.   F1c        973-15-36     USNR
Willis, Erville H.          BM1c     201-24-93      USN
Wolf, Paul J.               S2c        961-04-04      USNR
Wooten, Fred J.         S1c         680-49-21     USNR
Wyatt, Chester L.       S2c         883-89-06     USNR
Young, William L.       S1c         893-40-06     USNR

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           The USS Zellars moving along its way
Brought pride, respect and freedom to the USA.

On April 12, 1945
Three Kamikaze Jills did arrive
Two were gunned down as they flew that day,
The third caused the Zellars to falter and sway.

The torpedo carried on that plane
Caused masses of shrapnel to fall like rain.
As the shrapnel continued to fill the air
Smoke and confusion abounded everywhere.

Leaving some of our shipmates wounded or dead,
Brought within our heart moments of dread.
The dead and wounded included those
Officers and enlisted men God chose.

Constant firing continued to be,
As smoke and fire engulfed the sea.
Loss of power, no water to fight
Left the Zellars in a battle plight.

Though many tears were shed that day
we must remember those lost on the way.
We salute and praise that determined crew,
Our proudhero's of the red white and blue.

Evening found the Zellars listing to port
To receive patch jobs of many sorts. 
She returned to the States
To be repaired like new
Then returned to the wavy sea of blue.

Oh, that we may always see
The freedom of America for you and me
We must continue to defend our land
Where every one must take a stand
To guard our contry and keep it strong
From those that choose to do it wrong. 

               L.D. (Bud) Franklin
               Sept. 26,2004