Thomas Edward Zellars--born on 11 August 1898 in Grantville, Georgia.  Appointed a Midshipman at the Naval Academy on 13 June of 1917 and graduated on 3 June 1920, a year early the result of the wartime shortning of the Academy's course of instruction.  On 9 July 1920 he reported for duty in Mississippi(BattleshipNo. 41).  Zellars served his entire , brief carrer in Mississippi, rising to the rank of Lieutenant(jg) and attaining the position of turret commander in Mississippi's No.2 14 inch turret.  On 12 June 1924, while the battleship was engaged in gunnery practice off San Pedro, Calif., an explosion and fire engulfed his turret.  Lt.jg Zellars and 47 others were exphyxiated almost immediately but not before he turned on the flood valve which extingushed a burning powder train-an act which undoubtedly saved the ship and many of his shipmates from destruction. 

     Name Sake,                                  Thomas E. Zellars USN

     Destroyer class,                         Allen M Sumner

     Keel Laid,                                          December 24, 1943 

     Launched,                                         July 19, 1944

     Commissioned,                            October25, 1944

     Displacement,                               2200 Tons

     Length,                                                 376.6 Ft.

     Width, Beam                                   40.10 Ft.

     Draft,                                                      15.8 Ft

     Speed,                                                     35.2 knots

     Complement,                                   345, Officers & Enlisted Men

     Battle Stars,                                       WWII 1, Okinawa, Korea 4


                                                         6 5"38 CAL MAIN BATTERY 

                                                         12 40MM CANNON

                                                          11 20MM MACHINE GUNS

                                                           10 21 INCH TORPEDOS

                                                           6 K DEPTH CHARGE GUNS

                                                           2 DEPTH CHARGE ROLLING RACKS